Day’s Plan

1. Finish the Front Page design

  • slideshow pictures
  • dynamic menu design
  • social media icons
  • Mobile version as well

2. Specifiv Product Page – design and implementation

3.Product page – mock up

4.Overall design :

  • pictural material

5. Interaction

  • Front page implementation – forms , PHP,
  • Isotop function

Day’s Overview

So we are finally ready with Sprint 2 and Sprint 3. We have created the links between the Business and Communication Analyses. The initial components of our website ( wireframe , logo, first mockups) are ready. Now comes the refining parts and really creating the website with proper design and content.

Sprint 3 Overview

Day’s plan

  • Analyze the target group interview and make conclusions from it regardin the Concept and Design
  • Refine the Problem Statement to match the Concept ( which needs to be concluded)
  • Refine the AIDA model accordingto the target group interview
  • Make the final Connection between the Business and Communication Analyses
  • Finalize the Wireframes
  • Get a logo overview
  • Create the basics for the Programming
  • Refine the Mockups at leas for the front page on all deevices

Logo Design

We are done creating our logo. After a lot of brainstorming, sketching and tries in Illustrator (of course it should be a vector image) we agree on one design which we thing most suits the company image.


Now we are awating out teacher comments. 🙂


Sprint 2 – Overview

images (1)


The finalization of Sprint 2 ,which includes the needed tests on the target group, is going to be done on Moday when we are going to receive the interview results.

Regarding the Process so far we are a little bit back and need to hurry up in order to complete all necessery for the Project components.

This Crazy Stormy Day


As it was planned previously we had to make Sprint 2 overview. We have all the information and concept written but more refining and target group tests are going to be done (on Saturday – target group interview).

So we proceeded on with Sprint 3 which includes the Initial Designs for our website:

  • Refining the wireframes (Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop)
  • Desktop Mock – up
  • Logo design

For tomorrow we are planning to finish with the Initial Design of the mock-up so that on Saturday we can test it on our target group and see what changes need to be made.

Our progress with the design can be seen on Pinterest

Day’s Overview



Today after the feedback we got from Jarne about our concept we tried to find a more narrow problem we want to solv,which elaborates more on the already created Problem Statement.

We began creating wireframes for the website. Some initial prototypes of the logo were also designed. All of these you can see in our pinterest profile.

For tomorrow we are going to continue working on the wireframes and logo as well begin some initial mock ups for the pages we are going to realize in our prototype. We planned to make functional the following pages:

  • Home
  • Product
  • Product Item
  • About
  • Newsletter form.