Daily Plan

  • Front page – slideshow banners
  1. Birthday banner
  2. Company + product
  3. Product + Artist
  • Product Page -final touches
  • About page
  • Programming
  1. Front page
  2. Product Page
  3. About Page
  4. Searching Optimization

Day’s Plan

1. Finish the Front Page design

  • slideshow pictures
  • dynamic menu design
  • social media icons
  • Mobile version as well

2. Specifiv Product Page – design and implementation

3.Product page – mock up

4.Overall design :

  • pictural material

5. Interaction

  • Front page implementation – forms , PHP,
  • Isotop function

Day’s Overview

So we are finally ready with Sprint 2 and Sprint 3. We have created the links between the Business and Communication Analyses. The initial components of our website ( wireframe , logo, first mockups) are ready. Now comes the refining parts and really creating the website with proper design and content.

Sprint 3 Overview

Day’s plan

  • Analyze the target group interview and make conclusions from it regardin the Concept and Design
  • Refine the Problem Statement to match the Concept ( which needs to be concluded)
  • Refine the AIDA model accordingto the target group interview
  • Make the final Connection between the Business and Communication Analyses
  • Finalize the Wireframes
  • Get a logo overview
  • Create the basics for the Programming
  • Refine the Mockups at leas for the front page on all deevices

Logo Design

We are done creating our logo. After a lot of brainstorming, sketching and tries in Illustrator (of course it should be a vector image) we agree on one design which we thing most suits the company image.


Now we are awating out teacher comments. 🙂